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Our services and expertise

Individual Psychotherapy

People choose to engage in therapy for a variety of reasons. Some seek support when working through stressful life transitions or to address a mental health issue. While others seek guidance to assist them with achieving happier more fulfilled lives. Regardless of your reason for seeking support, you will be encouraged to engage in self-exploration in order to work towards personal growth and healing.Our goal as a practice is to assist you with achieving overall mental health and wellness by creating a warm, encouraging and non-judgmental environment.

Couples Psychotherapy

When your ability to function as a cohesive unit becomes flawed then perhaps your relationship would benefit from counseling. Couples therapy is a big step for any couple to take. By taking this step, you will work towards strengthening your relationship by resolving the issues that are creating distance in your relationship. These issues can range from differences in your approach to finances, poor communication skills, parenting, intimacy issues and infidelity. Together, we will work on developing conflict resolution and communication skills that will assist you with restoring affection, respect and intimacy in your relationship.

Cultural Acclimation

Migrating to a new country can be overwhelming and challenging in ways that you might not have prepared for. When you made the decision to move to a new city, the logistical challenges such as finding an apartment and getting a new job were most likely at the forefront of your mind. However, migration can come with many other challenges such as social identity issues, difficulty understanding and acclimating to new cultural customs, a loss of a social-support system and a sense of belongingness. These challenges can have a negative impact on your mental wellbeing and could decrease the likelihood of being able to acclimate to your new surroundings. Utilizing a person-centered and empathic approach, we will help you to explore and better understand your new environment in order to create a sense of stability and security.


For those who live, work or travel out of state, we also offer Teletherapy sessions for your convenience.  Teletherapy is psychotherapy carried out using a video or telephone platform. For more information on Teletherapy contact us below.


Kendall holds a professional membership with RESOLVE- the National Infertility Association and The American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Kendall specializes in supporting individuals who experience challenges with fertility. Using a compassionate approach, she provides comfort and openness for people to share various thoughts and emotions that occur during their own reproductive journey. The journey to parenthood can be different for everyone and the steps we need to take to embrace what it looks like for us individually aren’t always easy. Although it is challenging, moving through your process can be possible with an emotionally safe space filled with compassion and the support you need as you gain understanding around your unique journey. For additional resources on fertility, self-care tools and to learn more about Kendall’s approach you can visit


Our providers

Natasha Walker-O’Brien, LMHC, CASAC

Natasha is a compassionate, empathetic and culturally competent therapist with extensive knowledge in addiction disorders, eating disorders, anxiety disorders and LGBTQ issues. As well as helping clients overcome a variety of mental health issues, Natasha also assists individuals with cultural acclimation. Being an immigrant to the United States, She has both personal and professional experience in overcoming unfamiliar challenges of migrating to a new city. Relocating brings with it many challenges including cultural identity issues and a loss of social support system that can impact a person’s sense of mental wellbeing.

Natasha believes that the therapeutic alliance created between client and therapist is a fundamental component in working towards positive change. She combines multiple therapeutic orientations tailored to encourage clients to engage in self-exploration and identify maladaptive behaviors that serve as barriers to mental wellness. These approaches include but are not limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy.

Kendall Bassard, LMHC

Kendall’s goal as a therapist is to provide an emotionally safe space that supports insights, questions, concerns, and emotions that arise through current and past experiences. Kendall’s approach emphasizes that it is not always about the outcome as much as it is about what’s unfolding. Kendall will work with you through your journey of self-exploration, healing, and your ability to implement effective coping strategies, and achieve and set realistic life goals. In this space Kendall will honor your voice, your own understanding of your process, and your incorporation of this work in your daily life.


Kendall works with a wide array of therapeutic needs including infertility, trauma, PTSD, depression,bereavement, and anxiety. Her therapeutic approach is supportive, non-judgmental and culturally competent. In therapy, Kendall utilizes a variety of treatment modalities, as she believes a holistic approach is the best way to meet the individual needs of every client. These include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Informed Care, and Mindfulness techniques.

Anderson Hong, MHC-LP

People come from different walks of life, with unique challenges and unique needs. Unfortunately, there isn’t always a “one size fits all” solution for something that can be so complex. Anderson’s style emphasizes the collaboration between client and therapist through a Person-Centered Approach, while utilizing techniques from other modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy. By providing the client with unconditional positive regard and a space free of judgment, a client can begin to better understand and share their world, while gaining self-awareness and insight into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


Anderson believes that individuals are experts in their own lives, but even experts still have ways to go. Anderson is experienced in working with clients facing challenges such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationship issues, LGBTQ+, and culturally-related concerns. 

Rates and Insurance

Natasha is currently an in-network provider with Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield (including Anthem).

Natasha and Kendall are out-of-network providers with majority of other insurance plans. For out-of-network plans, we will submit claims to your insurance company directly on your behalf for reimbursement. Please contact us for more information on rates and insurance. 


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